Specialty Roll


Sur Sushi on Fire Roll  $12.00

Spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeños, shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, white onion, wrapped in soy paper like a burrito

Sexy Lady $12.00

Salmon tempura, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, spicy tuna on top. 8 pcs.

Mexican Roll $12.00

Spicy tuna, crab meat, cream cheese, jalapeño. Deep fried. 8 pcs.

Panorama Roll $12.00

Spicy tuna, cilantro, white onion, jalapeño, cucumber, avocado on top. 8 pcs.

Jalapeño Poppers $12.00

Spicy tuna and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños deep fried with tempura. 6 pcs.

Dragon Roll $12.00
California Roll with eel on top. 8 pcs.

Shrimp Tempura Roll $12.00
Shrimp tempura with crab meat roll

Dirty Girl Roll $12.00
Shrimp tempura roll with crab meat and backed scallops on top. 8 pcs.

Baked Salmon $12.00
California roll with baked salmon on top. 8 pcs.

BSC $12.00
California roll with scallop on top. 8 pcs.

Calicrunch Roll $12.00
Deep fried California roll. 8 pcs.

Valley Roll $12.00
Shrimp tempura with salmon and avocado on top. 8 pcs.

Polet Roll $12.00
Spicy shrimp and crab, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado. Deep fried. 8 pcs.

Spicy Tuna Crunch $10.00
Deep fried spicy tuna roll. 8 pcs.

Rice Cake $10.00
Deep fried rice with spicy tuna and avocado on top. 8 pcs.

Tara Roll $10.00
Chicken teriyaki with cucumber. Wrapped in soy paper. 8 pcs.

Philadelphia Roll $10.00
Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber. 8 pcs.

Various Hand Rolls & Cut Rolls $7.00
California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Eel Roll
Scallop Roll, Spicy Shrimp & Crab Roll

Sushi & sashimi


Specialty Bowls


Salmon        $7.00        $14.00
Tuna            $7.00        $14.00
Eel                $7.00        $14.00
Yellowtail    $7.00         $14.00


Shrimp Tempura.jpg

Fat Boy Special $17.00
Fried rice with chicken, beef, and shrimp on top

Sur Sushi Donburi $17.00
Mixed Seafood

Shrimp Tempura $12.00
6pcs Shrimp

Mixed Tempura $9.00
2pcs Shrimp, 4 Vegetable

Vegetable            $8.00
Chicken                $9.00

Beef                      $10.00
Shrimp                 $12.00

Fried Rice

Fried rice.jpg

Vegetable            $8.00
Chicken                $9.00

Beef                      $10.00
Shrimp                 $12.00

Beef and Chicken Bowl $12.00

Ebi Kushiaki Bowl $12.00
Stir fried tiger shrimp with vegetables over rice

Salmon Steak Bowl $12.00
Atlantic salmon with steamed vegetables over rice

Tara Bowl $10.00
Chicken, cucumber and broccoli over rice

Beef Bowl $10.00
Stir fried beef with vegetables over rice

Spicy Salmon Bowl $12.00
Chopped salmon with onion, jalapeños, avocado and cucumber over rice

Spicy Tuna Bowl $12.00
Spicy tuna with cucumber and avocado over rice

Eel Bowl $12.00
Eel with avocado and cucumber over rice

Shrimp and Crab Bowl $12.00
Shrimp and spicy crab with cucumber and avocado over rice

Poke Bowl $12.00
Tuna cubes, jalapeño, onion, avocado, cucumber and over special poke sauce over rice

Small Teriyaki Bowl $8.00
Beef or chicken with cabbage over rice



Seaweed Salad $7.00
Garlic Edamame $7.00


** For any modification with the existing menu or additional order an extra amount will be charged.

** State sales tax applicable with any order

Bento Boxes

only at $15


All bento boxes come with:

- Steam rice

- Spring  mix salad

- 3 vegies  tempura

- 2 shrimp tempura 

- Canned coke / bottled water

Bento 1.jpg






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